Stephen and John: Our Story (2017)

Jambo and Hello
We are all still busy on our farm. My brother John is growing bigger but he is still not as tall as me! He is happy that we have a new black cow. He takes care of it after school. We keep it in the shamba near our house.

My mother Faith is very proud to have her first grandson Eunje. He is nearly 2. He is funny. We look after him sometimes when his mother goes out to try and find work.


But the best news of all is that I have been chosen to be part of the new Bicycle programme at school. I am very proud of my new black bicycle with the buffalo on the front. It is strong and I can carry my brother along with me. We can get to school quickly now.On the way home we can help our mother with the water barrell also.

I like to clean my bike because the roads are muddy and dusty. Francis our teacher has told us that our new bicycles are like the real buffaloes we have here in Kenya. Fast and strong just like me. When I am bigger I would like to see a real Buffalo in a zoo or in the grasslands near Kilimanjaro.


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