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Victor and Joseph: Our Story (2017)

Hello and Jambo

Everyone was so happy to see our faces laughing back at them from the calendar that came all the way from Ireland. It was exciting to see the photos of ourselves and the boys from Hollypark in the calendar. Our mother Elizabeth is very proud of us.She has the calendar hanging on our wall. We like to look at the pictures of the boys and teachers from Dublin.It looks very different from our school in Kawese.


Our family is still lucky to be able to live beside the railway tracks. We have learned all about the new tracks built by the Chinese in our lessons in school. These tracks are the biggest project in all of Kenya since we got our Independence over 50 years ago.
The new tracks are called a standard gauge railway. They will join our capital city Nairobi with Mombasa on the coast. Maybe in the future they will link Kenya with Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

I hope that the new railway will make the highway near our home less busy and safer.We need to walk along there when we help our mother return the sewing and washing she does for the people in Sultan Hamud. She tries so hard to earn some money for our family and we are proud of her too.