Faith: My Story (2015)


My name is Faith.  There are seven children in my family.  I live here with my mother Mary and my father Nicholas Mutuku.  We all work together here on the farm where we grow squash.  My father is also a seasonal labourer but it is difficult for him to find work as they always hire the professionals first.  Also, my father is sick and we do not have money for medicine.

We love the new school. We walk there every day. My mother walks there too to collect fresh water that has been piped from Mount Kilimanjaro and stored nearby. She carries the water in a container for 5km on her back along the roadway. It is very heavy. Nearly 20kg!  I wish that we could have water near our home so that my mother would not have to carry it.  I also hope that my father will get better, but I worry that this may not be possible.The-Kenyan-Child-Foundation-Stories-Faith2

I am in standard Four Class.  My teacher’s name is Felicita.  She is a good teacher.  I learn Kiswahili, English and Maths at school.  Maths is my favourite.  I am trying very hard to be good in school so that my father will be proud of me.

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