World Bicycle Relief

The Kenyan Child Foundation is delighted to announce our partnership with the World Bicycle Relief.

A consignment of Buffalo Bicycles have been delivered to Kawese to be distributed to the students of St Patrick’s as part of the Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP)


The girls and boys of Kawese who have had to overcome the barrier of distance to school in the past are so positive about the new bicycle programme.

World Bicycle Relief and the entire community of Kawese are aware that Education and attendance at school is the children’s hope for the future.


Attendance and academic performance are being monitored at St Patrick’s. We hope to see an improvement in the attainment level of pupils who are part of the BEEP programme.

The Kenyan Child Foundation looks forward to the exciting impact this partnership will make into the future.

Read more about the WBR Here




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