The Breakfast Club

The Kenyan Child Foundation has set up a nutrition and food programme this year in St. Patrick’s Primary school to combat hunger and malnourishment among the students. We recognised that some of the children were coming to school hungry as there was simply not enough food in their homes during periods of extreme drought and flooding.

The breakfast club and nutrition programme was founded to overcome this hunger and to encourage and promote concentration during lessons.

Every morning the children get a nutritious meal of maize porridge, rice and seasonal fruit that has been freshly prepared at the school.  Fresh drinking water is available for the students at all times of the day. Local suppliers arrange the provision, which provides a small boost to farmers and shopkeepers in the village.

It is heartening to observe that the children in a few short months are beginning to look healthier. Their teachers report that they can already see the impact of an improved diet in the children’s schoolwork. “They are more settled and happier during lessons and better able to concentrate on their classes” said Principal Mary.

The girls and boys of Kawese really look forward to their breakfast of porridge, rice and fruit every morning. Thanks to all our sponsors in Ireland who donate much needed funds for this worthwhile initiative.


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