Outreach 2017

Phase II of St Patrick’s Primary School Kawese officially opened on Sunday April 9th 2017.

3 new classrooms were unveiled by Madame Mourhi from the State Department of Education for the pupils of Standards 5,6 and 7.

The Kawese community are proud of the new classrooms at St Patrick’s and the ongoing scores and academic achievements of the students.

They welcomed the announcement that two scholarships for secondary school will be provided for girls by Madame Flora at Kenya High in Nairobi and a further two for boys at the Holy Ghost Secondary school in Sultan Hamud.

The opening of Phase II was accompanied by performance of local song and dance by the Maasai people and the children of Kawese.

The link between St Patrick’s B.N.S. Hollypark Foxrock and St Patrick’s Kawese was further strengthened when the students and teachers received the many gifts and teaching resources sent to Kenya by the boys and parents of Hollypark.

The students and their teachers send their gratitude to everyone who has helped them. They acknowledged and celebrate that in a few short years their school has come so far. “You have managed to change our lives as well as our community. Asante Sana”

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