Victor and Joseph: Our Story (2015)


Our names are Victor and Joseph and we are in Standard Three Class and Standard Five in Saint Patrick’s Primary School Kawese. There are ten children in our family and we live here with our parents on this farm beside the railway track. We grow maize and keep goats, chickens and cows. We like to drink the milk from our goats and we cook our meals on an open fire outside the house. We do not own the land where our house is built. We live on Masai common grazing land beside the track but we are worried as the railway is being developed and we will lose our home and farm. We have nowhere to go and our mother is very worried.The-Kenyan-Child-Foundation-Stories-VicandJo1

Our mother helped to lift the rocks for the foundations of the new school. She works very hard but she is happy that we can go to a school near our home.  She helped her friend the dressmaker to make the new uniforms for the school. We wore the new uniforms for the first time at the official opening. The red jumpers and shorts for the boys and the blue dresses and bright red jumpers for the girls look very smart.

The-Kenyan-Child-Foundation-Stories-VicandJo4Some visitors came to our school from Ireland. They gave our teachers new copies, pencils and books. We sang songs with them and they read us stories about children in Ireland. They gave us some toys and a picture book with a drawing of an elephant in it.  We hope they will not forget us and come back to visit us soon.

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