Faith: My Story (2017)

Jambo. Hello to you.

I am older now and like being in Standard 6 in St Patrick’s Primary School.
I was so happy to see our visitors from Ireland. We have been learning new songs and poems for the official opening of the new classrooms. I was shy when we had to say our poem for our families and the visitors but I was happy when they all clapped at the end!!

We made some presents for the visitors from bottle gourds that we grow on my farm. First we let the little gourds dry out on the ground outside our classroom and then we painted them with designs in three colours – white, black and red.


My family are all good now. My father is working on the new railway and he is happy. When I come home from school, I look after my little sister Stella and my brother Patrick.

When the visitors from Ireland came to Kawese, we were on school holidays but I still went to school everyday to see them, as I am on the school council. It was funny when their van got stuck in the mud and could not move. We were all pushing it together. Teacher Francis had to come and help them. We rocked the van free and I walked with them the 7km to my home. I did not want them to get lost! It was the rainy season and I showed them how to cross the gorge near my house on foot. We were lucky that we could cross safely that day.
Sometimes it is not so easy!!

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